Research skills/ideas

Here are various ideas and skills I’ve dabbled in and collected over the years that I might collect in some projects, along with some potential projects using them:

  1. Android phone programming (a vowel tuner for singers)
  2. TensorFlow Google Deep Learning toolkit (I have a Kadenze class to take ASAP for this).
  3. data statistical processing skills
  4. signal processing skills (fourier, wavelet decomposition, chord estimates and reconstruction, phonogram estimation and reconstruction for speech)
  5. C++, Python programming skills, on *nix including OS X.
  6. Music theory knowledge
  7. Natural language knowledge
  8. Finnish language knowledge (both linguistic and technical/literary).
  9. English, Russian, Japanese, French, German language knowledge.
  10. OpenNMT automatic translation software
  11. Douglas Hofstadter’s analogy-based ideas
  12. My research in biological neuron-like machine learning